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Mei 16, 2021



A.Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!
1.  Pia  :  Will you come to join our basket team practice on Saturday morning?
     Nia  :  I’m sorry. I’m going swimming with my sister this Saturday.
     Pia   :  That’s all right.
     From the dialog we know that Nia is …..
     a. Rejecting invitation      c. expressing invitation
     b. Accepting invitation     d. asking opinion
2.  “Will you do my homework?” “………… You have to do it by  yourself.”
      a.    Yes, I can.                    c. No, I cannot
      b.    Yes, I will.                   d. No, I will not
3.  Heri  : “Would you like to go camping with us next holiday, Tama?
     Tama : “ …. I’ll join with you.”
      a. It sounds interesting      c. I don’t care about it
      b. I am sorry to hear that   d. I invite you, too 
4.  Dika  : “ Would you like to go to the concert on Saturday night, Rina?
     Rina  :  “Ehm, yes ….”
     a. Anyway                         c. I can’t
     b. I’d love to                      d. Thank you
5. Dayu  :  “Let’s play football tomorrow afternoon.”
    Edo    :   I’m very sorry, I …….
    a. Will                               c. can
    b. Can’t                             d. would
6. Udin  :  Beni, are you coming to Lina’s birthday party?
    Beni  :  ………..
    a. Yes, certainly I will come       c. I think
    b. Sorry                                       d. thank
7. A  :  “The phone is ringing. ……”
    B  :  “Okay”
    a. Open the door, please!      c. pick up the phone
    b. Turn of the phone.            d. turn on the radio
8. Rio  :  “The room is dirty. ……”
    Joni :  “Okay.”
    a. Don’t enter the room       c. don’t open the door
    b. Give me a broom             d. enter the room
9. Ridho  :  “ The night is very cold. …..”
    Budi    :  “Okay, thanks”
    a. You must wear thin clothes
    b. Wear your jacket
    c. Don’t use your jacket
    d. Don’t forget to wear your jacket.
10. Gita  :  “It is too noisy here…I am going to study.
      Syira :  “All right.”
    a. Turn on the radio, please!
    b. Turn on the fan, please!
    c. Turn of the radio, please!
    d. Switch on the television, please!
11. Siti  :  “Tell me how to operate an ATM, please!
      Dayu:   First, put your….in the slot. Then, press your ….number.
      a. Money-card                  c. card-money
      b. PIN-money                   d. card-PIN
12. To give instruction we say….
       a.    I can clean it               c. will you come?
       b.    Can I join you?           d. come in, please!
13. X :  Please come to the meeting tomorrow!
      Y :  …… I have to accompany my mother to downtown.  
      a. I’d love to but I can’t
      b. It doesn’t matter
      c. Of course
      d. I am tired of such meeting
14. Siti  :  “Don’t….. the computer, I want to type a letter.”
      Lina:  “No problem.”
      a. Open
      b. Close
      c. Turn on
15. Student  :  “…..”
      Teacher :  “ Yes, you may.”
      a. Pardon me, Sir. May he come in?
      b. Forgive me, Sir. Could you say it again?
      c. Excuse me, Sir. May I wash my hands?
      d. Sorry, Sir.
16. If you wish to leave the classroom during a lesson what would you say to your 
      teacher? By saying…
      a. It’s time to leave
      b. I’m going out
      c. May I go for a while
      d. I’ll be back in a minute
17. Udin  :  “ Edo, May I borrow your pen?”
      Edo    :   “Certainly, here you are.”
      The dialogue above express………
      a. An expection              c. a regret
      b. An agreement             d. asking permission
18. X  :  “Excuse me, Sir. Can I put off my bike here, please?”
     Y   :  “Yes, sure. ……
      a. Park your car over there
      b. Don’t park here
      c. You can park here
      d. Don’t cross here
19. Harry  :  ……..
      Dito    :  Yes, of course. Don’t forget to return it!
      a. May I borrow your laptop?
      b. Do you have a laptop?
      c. Ia the laptop expensive?
      d. Do you need a laptop?
20. Agung  :  Excuse me?
      Dimas  :  Yes?
      Agung  :  I wonder if you could lend me your dictionary. I’m doing my homework.
      Dimas  :  Oh, sure. Here it is.
      The dialogue above is express…..
      a. Necessity
      b. Giving permission
      c. Certainty
      d. Capability
Read the following text for number 21-24!
      Dayu, Lina, and Siti are never come late to their class. They walk to school, but 
they always get to school on time. They rarely take the public transport.They look 
healthy and happy all the time. 
      They often speak English to each other, to their friends, and to the English 
teachers. They ask questions in English. They answer questions in English, too. 
Their English is very good.
21. How many people in the text?
      a. four people           c. three people
      b. five people           d. two people
22. What do Dayu, Lina, and Siti do at their class?
      a. sing together          c. walk together
      b. speak English        d. happy
23. Do they go to school on foot?
      a. No, they do not       c. yes, they do
      b. yes, they does         d. no, they does not
24. How do they look
      a. walk                         c. healthy
      b. come late                 d. smile
25. He ….. the animals every day.
      a. feeds                         c. feed
      b. food                          d. feeding
26. Her sister and she ……early every day
      a. get up                        c. got up
      b. gets up                      d. getting up
27. Siti ….. to school on foot
      a. go                              c.going
      b. goes                          d. gone
28. Do you ….. new car?
      a. bought                       c. buy
      b. buys                           d. buying
29. She does not ….. a novel.
      a. read                            c. reading
      b. reads                          d. red
30. They are ……. Home work now
       a. doing                        c. does
       b. do                             d. done
31. ….. is standing in the class.
      a. the tacher              c. the students
      b. the teachers           d. the staffs
32. …. You… my books right now?
     a. are/bringing            c. is/brings
     b. is/bringing              d. are/bringing
33. My mother ….. rice
      a. is cook                   c. is cooking
      b. is cooks                 d. cooking
34. Budi and I ….working in big company
      a. am not                   c. were not
      b. are not                   d. was not
35. Doni is 12 years old. Tuti is 12 years old.
      Doni is as …..as Tuti.
a. Old                      c. older
b. Olds                     d. oldest
36. This book is Rp 1000. That book is Rp 2000.
      That book is ….than this book
a. More expensive             c. cheaper
b. Most expensive             d. cheapest
37. Raisa sings…….than Wizzy.
      a. most beautifully              c. beautifully
      b. more beautifully             d. beautifull
38. A buffalo is big. But, an elephant is…than a 
a. Small                           c. smaller
b. Bigger                         d. biggest
39. Most students think social science is….. than
a. Easy                             c. easier
b. Difficult                       d. more difficult
40. They …. The plants every day
       a. are watering                  c. watering
       b. water                             d. were watering
Read the text for number 41-43
To: Brad Pitt
Hi, friends, I would like to invite you to my birthday party. 
Place        : Hotel Novotel
Day/Date : Saturday, the 15th November 2008
Time        : 7.00 p.m.
Be there and enjoy the fun in my 17th Birthday party
See you……!   (Nicole) 
41. What kind of text is the text above?
      a. announcement          c. invitation
      b. descriptive                d. recount
42. To whom is the invitation addressed?
      a. Nicole                       c. everybody
      b. Brad Pitt                   d. Brad’s friends
43. Who celebrates a birthday party?
      a. Nicole
      b. Brad Pitt
      c. Everybody
      d. Brad’s friends 
For numbers 44-45 arrange the jumble words into the correct sentence!
44. usually – I – my pets – feed – every morning
          1         2          3            4               5
a. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
b. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5
c. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2 – 5
d. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1- 5
45. Raflesia Arnoldi-flower-in-the largest-is-the 
                   1                  2      3        4          5   6
a. 4 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 6
b. 4 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 6
c. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 1
d. 4 –  2 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 1
For questions 46 and 47, choose the suitable word to complete the dialogue!
Rosi : Do you usully have breakfast before going to
Sita  : Sure, I usully have rice, an/a …(46), and meat.
Rosi : I don’t eat rice for breakfast. Only two….(47)
           Of toast, and a glass of milk.
46. a. omelet              c. cucumber
      b. cheese              d. soup
47. a. pieces               c. loaves
      b. plates                d. bowls
48. Mom is ….vegetables and dad is…..television
      a. cutting – seing          c. cutting – watching
      b. sewing – watching   d. watching – cutting
49. Is the girl……next to him his fiancée?
      a. sit                              c. sitting
      b. sat                             d. sits
50. Teacher : ….boys! You disturb the students
                      They are having a test.
      Students : Sorry, Madam.
      a. Look at me
      b. Be quiet
      c. Sit here
      d. Open up
1. A                11. D                 21. C                                           
2. D                12. D                 22. B
3. A                13. A                 23. C
4. B                14. D                 24. C
5. B                15. C                 25. A
6. A                16. C                 26. B
7. C                17. D                 27. B
8. B                18. C                 28. C
9. B                19. A                 29. A
10. C                20. B                 30. A
31. A                  41. C
32. D                  42. B
33. C                  43. A
34. A                   44. B
35. A                   45. C
36. A                   46. A
37. B                    47. C
38. B                    48. C
39. C                    49. C
40. B                    50. B

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