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Latihan Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Tahun 2020 Ke 1

Juni 3, 2020

Latihan Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris  Kelas 8 Tahun 2020  Ke 1
A.Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!
1.  Gita  :  “It is too noisy here…I am going to study.
      Syira :  “All right.”
a.     Turn on the radio, please!
b.    Turn on the fan, please!
c.     Turn of the radio, please!
d.    Switch on the television, please!
2. Ridho  :  “ The night is very cold. …..”
    Budi    :  “Okay, thanks”
a.       You must wear thin clothes
b.      Wear your jacket
c.       Don’t use your jacket
d.      Don’t forget to wear your jacket.
3. Rio  :  “The room is dirty. ……”
    Joni :  “Okay.”
a.       Don’t enter the room       c. don’t open the door
b.      Give me a broom             d. enter the room
4. A  :  “The phone is ringing. ……”
    B  :  “Okay”
a.       Open the door, please!      c. pick up the phone
b.      Turn of the phone.            d. turn on the radio
5. Udin  :  Beni, are you coming to Lina’s birthday
    Beni  :  ………..
a.       Yes, certainly I will come     c. I think
b.      Sorry                                       d. thank
6. Dayu  :  “Let’s play football tomorrow afternoon.”
    Edo    :   I’m very sorry, I …….
a.       Will                               c. can
b.      Can’t                             d. would
7. Pia  :  Will you come to join our basket team
              practice on Saturday morning?
   Nia  :  I’m sorry. I’m going swimming with my
              sister this Saturday.
   Pia   :  That’s all right.
   From the dialog we know that Nia is …..
a.       Rejecting invitation    c. expressing invitation
b.      Accepting invitation     d. asking opinion
8.  “Will you do my homework?”
    “………… You have to do it by  yourself.”
   a.    Yes, I can.                    c. No, I cannot
   b.    Yes, I will.                   d. No, I will not
9.Heri  : “Would you like to go camping with us next
                holiday, Tama?
   Tama : “ …. I’ll join with you.”
a.       It sounds interesting    c. I don’t care about it
b.      I am sorry to hear that   d. I invite you, too
10. Dika  : “ Would you like to go to the concert on
                 Saturday night, Rina?
    Rina  :  “Ehm, yes ….”
a.       Anyway                         c. I can’t

b.      I’d love to                      d. Thank you